laserResearching and Manufacturing Company “Dipol” is a Belarusian producer of night vision devices and thermal devices. It was founded in 1990 by the scientific employees, PhDs and Doctors of Science, specialists in the field of optoelectronic engineering. That determines scientific and original policy in estimating, development and production of night vision devices (NVD) and other goods.
Night vision devices of Dipol differ by optimal combination of optomechanical characteristics and cost.
Some original developments in the sphere of optics, design and separate products are used by other companies. The construction of the head mount designed by our company (patent №169, Republic of Belarus) is used by the most producers of NVD and thermal devices all over the world.
Specially designed high-aperture optics is used in the production of night vision and thermal devices. All electronic components and mechanical engineering assemblys of the devices are designed taking into account hard working conditions: increased moisture, vibration, shock etc. Devices themselves and their components undergo during production process systematic control and reliability tests (also in field conditions), including shock resistance tests at special shock desk allowing to imitate shock load of 500 g and more.
Dipol develops and produces all kinds of night vision devices using the tubes of “1”, “2+”, “3” generations and CCD, thermal sights and binoculars for civil use as well as of double-purpose.
Dipol develops and produces other kinds of production: medical devices for high intensive pulse magnetotherapy, devices for light and sound stimulation of brain, veterinary equipment for recovery of horses after intense stress of training and competitions.
Almost 90% of the production is exported. High level of the scientific potential, long-term experience in developing and producing of night vision devices is a reliable basis for mutually beneficial cooperation.