Modern life is constantly forcing the person is in a difficult competitive environment and work hard, feeling concern for their future, children and families. Especially it affects on businessmen, top-managers and freelancers, who constant worries about their business and personal. The man thus may experience stress, which not only prevents him to work normally , but with prolonged exposure causes the deterioration of health . This may lead to various diseases. After all, the disease does not come without a cause. Stress syndrome is the most diverse set of diseases.
We have many medicine against stress today, but they all have different backside effects ( addiction, devastating effects on the internal organs, etc. )
Last years scientists have developed an effective method of treatment of stress conditions is both an effect on the auditory and visual receptors of different combinations of sound and light .
Researching and manufacturing company “Dipol” is produce the unique device “AVS D”, which effectively treats stress.