Night vision binocular D521R is a combination of professional night vision binocular D209 with night range finder which gives additional opportunities for observation and orientation.
Qualitative high aperture optics allows to detect objects at significant distance up to 700 m, and built-in range finder allows to measure distance to them to 1m. Lightweight, shockproof body, clear and suitable device and range finder control.
- lightweight body from superconstructional plastic may withstand big shock load;
- built-in range finder able to measure distance up to 700 m;
- sliding eyepiece system allows to control interpupillary distance from 58 to 72 mm. Special eyecups tightly adjoin eyes and don’t damask a user during their operation;
- special invisible IR-illuminator (905 nm) give an opportunity to operate in full darkness and IR-illuminator for distant illumination (805 nm) is equipped by special head that allows to control illumination spot size and to amplify its distance range;
- special switcher excludes a possibility of accidental switch of built-in IR-illuminators. On-indication of built-in IR-illuminators and battery charge is installed in the field of view. It allows to control their status and not to damask yourself;
- short term on-button of IR-illuminator allows to illuminate the observed object for a short period of time in conditions of full darkness and, thereby, to reduce significantly detection probability;
- additional function mode switcher gives an opportunity to switch off any function of the binocular according to the fulfilled tasks;
- due to special slot installation of powerful hinged IR-illuminator for increasing detection and recognition range is possible;
- filling with dry air or nitrogen to prevent lens weeping inside the binocular is possible;
- it is possible to use outer power source, it allows to use the device in conditions of low temperatures (-20 ... -40), when usual power elements stop operating;
- there is dehydrator cartridge in the binocular, it removes possible moisture from the device in case of its unforeseen depressurization.

Tube, generation 2+
Lenses, focal length, mm F100/1.5
Focus limit, m 10 ... ∞
Diopter range, dptr ±4
Interpupillary distance, mm 63±5
Built-in IR illuminator diode/ 805/ 90
Supply voltage/ type of batteries 3 V/ 2xAA
Operating time (without IR), hour 50
Operation temperature, °C
(with remote source)
Detection range (object 0,5х1,8 m; illumination 3х10-3lux), m up to 700
Degree of protection by IEC 60529 (by order) IPX4 (IPX7)
Dimensions, mm 284 x 144 x 81
Weight, kg 1.15