Professional night vision binocular D209 is a night vision binocular, intended for different kind of activities in poor light conditions, which require detecting and recognizing moving and fixed objects located at a considerable distance (up to 700 meters). High multiplicity and resolution of the instrument allows to distinguish and identify different small parts of the observed objects. Light weight and easy-to-use are harmoniously combined with a wide range of additional features and capabilities. The use of high-quality optics with a special enlightenment that has high-frequency contrast characteristics makes the use of installed tube capabilities the most complete.
- light weight housing made from superconstractional plastic;
- two built-in IR illuminators;
- built-in protection from bright flashes;
- switch-off/on built-in IR illuminator and low power indicators that installed in the field of vision;
- possibility to install additional powerful IR illuminator;
- filling with dry air or nitrogen;
- cartridge of dehydrator;
- possibility to transform to the night vision goggles with helphe helmet mask and replaced the lenses.

Tube, generation 2+ 2+
Lenses, focal length, mm F100/1.5 F165/1.9
Magnification 4x 6.6x
Focus limit, m 10... ∞ 15... ∞
Angle of vision, degr 9.5 6.2
Diopter adjustment, dptr ± 4 ± 4
Interpupillary distance, mm 58...72 58...72
Supply voltage/type of batteries 3V/ 2xAA 3V/ 2xAA
Operating time (without IR), hour 60 60
Built-in IR illuminator: type/ wavelength/ power diode/ 805(905)/ 40 diode/ 805(905)/ 40
Operating temperature range, °C (with remote source) -10...+50 (-30...+50) -10...+50 (-30...+50)
Detection range (object 0,5х1,8m; light exposure 5х10-3lux), m
- 2+ gen up to 600 up to 700
Degree of protection according to IEC 60529 (by order) IPX5 (IPX7) IPX5 (IPX7)
Dimensions, mm 257 x 139 x 76 315 x 139 x 96
Weight, kg 0.93 1.25