Thermal imaging binocular TG1 is intended to be used for observation, search and orientation in conditions of various illumination (day, twilight, night) and limited visibility (fog, snow, rain etc.). It allows to detect movable and immovable objects which have temperature contrast, to be exact: people, animals, buildings, green, vehicles, etc. Besides, this binocular may be used to find heat leak in living space and in production rooms, to find places where electric lines and devices are heat, etc.
Maximal operation time of the device is achieved by using power supplies of well-known producers with the temperature of +20°C.
Pay Your attention that reset of the device should be done in 20-30 sec. after the device has been switched off.
- two types of objectives: F50 or F75;
- optical magnification 3.5х (F50); 5.3х (F75);
- digital zoom х2, х4;
- detection range up to 1200 (F50) or 1700 (F75) meters;
- video output;
- information about settings and device status is situated in the field of view;
- inversion of image color is possible;
- it is possible to use outer power source (12V);
- manual adjustment of sensor amplification and micro display brightness.
- dehydrator cartridge;
- possibility to mount to tripod (aperture thread 1/4").

Sensor, array format/pixel pitch 384 x 288 / 17 µm 384 x 288 / 17 µm
Lenses, focal length, mm F75/1,0 F50/1,0
Magnification 5.3x 3.5x
Digital zoom x2, x4 x2, x4
Angle of view, degree 4.2° x 3.2° 6.3° x 4.7°
Diopter adjustment, dptr ± 4 ± 4
Eye relief distance, mm 25 25
Spectral response, 8-12 8-12
Frame rate 50 Hz 50 Hz
Palette invert Black hot/white hot Black hot/white hot
Power supply (type of batteries) 9V / 3xCR123A 9V / 3xCR123A
Operating time (at 20°C), hour 4,5 4,5
Operating temperature range, °C -10 ... +50 -10 ... +50
Detection range (object 0,5 х 1,8m), m up to 1700 up to 1200
Degree of protection according to IEC 60529 (by order) IPX5 (IPX7) IPX5 (IPX7)
Dimensions, mm 241 x 139 x 87 213 x 139 x 66
Weight, kg 1.2 1.0