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Dipol TFA 2.0 SL

TFA 2.0 SL

Thermal front attachment


– simple and suitable control
– small sizes and weight
– information about settings and device status is situated in the field of view
– inversion of image color is possible
– it is possible to use outer power source (8-14,5V)
– manual adjustment of sensor amplification and micro display brightness
– manual digital enhancement
– video recording

Technical specification

Sensor,  array format/ Pixel pitch384×288/ 17um
Lens: focal lengthF40 / 1,0
Field of view, degree9,3° х7,0°
Detection range (object of 0.5×1.8m, Johnson criteria), m2000
Spectral response, um8-14
Frame rate, Hz50
Palette, types9
Microdisplay, type, resolutionOLED  1024×768
Exit pupil diameter, mm30
Maximum impact load, G600
Supply voltage / type of batteries6V / 2 x CR123A Lithium
Operating time (at +20°C), hour4
Operating temperature, °C -20 … +50
Degree of protection by IEC 60529IP66
Dimensions, mm178x76x105
Weight, kg0,57
External power supply (8-14,5V)Yes