Veterinary equipment

asm-01_b_eng Device for combined magnetotherapy ASM-01 is intended to increase general workability of horses and their recovery after training and emulative load. It is used to cure somatic, infectious-inflammatory and other diseases. A wide choice of programs for prevention and treatment is presented to the user.

Increase of general workability recovery after training and emulative load:
  • - prevention and treatment of somatic, infectious-inflammatory diseases of horses;
  • - increase of immune protection of horse organism;
  • - prevention and treatment of transport stress.

Combined magnetotherapy influence on horses is possible also during training and competitions (allowed by International Federation of equestrian sport in the Republic of Belarus).

Technical characteristics:
Magnetic induction on the contact area of thermo magneto horse cloth in the centre of inductor, mT
   - mode 1 5 ... 15
   - mode 2 15 ... 25
   - mode 3 25 ... 35
Number of inductors on the thermo magneto horse cloth 20
Shape of magnetic field on the inductor Sinusoid
Duration of one pulse of magnetic field on the inductor 800 ... 1000
Number of programs of succession inductor work, pre-installed/created by user 10/10
Heating temperature of thermo magneto horse cloth, С° 35 ... 45
Procedure duration, min 5 ... 30
Power consumed, W 250
Power, V, Hz 220, 50
Weight, kg. 20
kvt-01_b_engLocal magnetotherapy device KVT-01 is intended for improvement of functional state of a horse and treatment of various injuries and diseases of locomotive system and other diseases. It presents a wide choice of preventive measures and treatment.

Treatment of diseases and traumatic injuries of locomotive system:
- injuries;
- tensions;
- consequences after fractures and displacements.
Treatment of diseases of locomotive system:
- acute and chronic inflammatory and degenerative processes of joints, muscles and tendons.
Rehabilitation after injuries and diseases.
Overstrain и depression of peripheral neuromuscular apparatus.
Tone drop of skeletal muscles.
Magnetotherapy effect on horses is also possible during trainings and competitions (allowed by International federation of equestrian sport in the Republic of Belarus)

Technical characteristics:
Pulse amplitude 0.1-0.6
Pulse form triangular
Mode pulse trains
Number of pulses per a train 60-1800
Number of pulses in a train 6-90
Number of pulse trains per a minute 10-30
Pulse duration:
   - Shin boot, μs 300
   - Horse cloth or hood, μs 100
Number of operating modes 16
Radiator type inductor I-100 (2pcs),I-40 (4pcs)
Power consumption, W 150
Power supply, V, Hz 220, 50
Weight, kg 7