Problems and solutions

Devices of night vision refer to the complex optomechanical products, therefore the qualified service and repair are possible only at our enterprise or in our authorized service centers. Sometimes the reasons because of which the device of night vision does not work are simple, you can also define and remove them without assistance. On more complicated questions of warranty and post-warranty service, please, address to the sellers from whom you bought our products.
If you have difficulties, and you cannot contact the seller, you can address directly to us.
If you could not remove independently possible malfunction, do not try to disassemble and repair the device without assistance. It can lead to even more serious breakage and annulment of warranty.
When observing through the device you can distinguish separate dark dots or small groups of dark dots. Presence of these dots on the screen of the image tube are caused by features of technological process of the tube manufacturing and it is not a defect.

There is no image in eyepieces.
1. The battery is discharged.
Replace the battery.
2. Battery polarity is not observed.
Reinstall the battery.
3. The contact between a battery compartment and the battery (case) is broken.
Strip the places of contact.
4. Big light exposure, protection against bright light works.
Go to less lighted place for your observation. If light exposure is more than 3 lux (day or electric light) the device can be turned on only with covers put on the objective. Thus it is necessary to close a light protection window.
Low brightness of the image in eyepieces.
1. The lowered battery voltage.
Replace the battery.
Bad quality of the image (blurred image).
1. The objective and eyepiece are not focused.
Focus the objective and eyepiece.
2. The front lenses of the objective or the eyepiece are polluted.
Wipe lenses with soft, pileless cloth slightly moistened in ethyl alcohol or use special napkins for wiping optical glasses.