Warranty and service

All products made by R&M Company “Dipol” have 1 year warranty from the purchase moment.
Please, before the beginning of operation of the device, carefully read the enclosed instruction (User’s guide). The operation of the device with violation of the requirements of the instruction can cause its breakage and annulment of the warranty.
Devices of night vision refer to the complex optomechanical products, therefore the qualified service and repair are possible only at our enterprise or in our authorized service centers.
Sometimes the reasons because of which the device of night vision does not work are simple, you can also define and remove them without assistance.
On more complicated questions of warranty and post-warranty service, please, address to the sellers from whom you bought our products.
We hope that devices of RMC “Dipol” which you use completely meet your requirements.
As any complex electron-optical products, our devices can also break down. The list of possible malfunctions and problems which you can remove yourself is listed in section “Problems and solutions“.
In all other cases, especially if the device under warranty, it is necessary to address to the seller of the given goods. If for any reason the seller cannot render the qualified help, you can address the item directly to us. We willl immediately contact you.
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